Learn About Us

balletmore is dedicated to providing its dancers with the utmost quality in technical dance training and consistent enthusiastic instruction in a dancer-focused environment.

When you enter the balletmore studio, it is apparent that the atmosphere is unique to other dance facilities in Western Michigan. balletmore is a calm, welcoming studio, which allows families and dancers to receive professional training, that is injury preventative, and dancer focused.  Founded in 2003 by former principal dancer, Melanie Brossiet, balletmore has provided premiere training to thousands of dancers, in-state and abroad.  balletmore provides the community with a non-competitive style of school that is committed to quality training, minus the high costume fees, make-up, and expenses that come with the world of competition dance.

After retiring in 2001 with a hip injury, Mrs. Brossiet's goal was to give dancers a supportive environment when it comes to injury prevention, and safe technique as well as strength training to keep dancers safe. This approach to dance education, provides proactive care while teaching dance to diverse body types.  "Our goal is to give dancers a long, joyful experience as they make dance a part of their life." balletmore is a nurturing environment for dancers to thrive technically and artistically in an atmosphere that is positive and supportive, yet disciplined and focused. We offer opportunity to all dancers.

balletmore's instructors approach each dancer as an individual as well as a participant of a larger dance community. We challenge each dancer to grow as an artist of physical movement and expression. The balletmore team encourages dancers to discover their own "voice" as artists. We respect the dancers we train.

People fall in love with dance, because dancers make it look so easy. In contrast, it is one of the most difficult art forms to learn and do well.  It takes incredible tenacity, hard work, drive, and perseverance to isolate small muscles of the body to execute a perfect pirouette. To float like a sylph and perform a leap with grace, power and control. Dancers will sweat in their classes, learning how to push their bodies physically. They will learn to follow directions, take corrections respectfully, and learn to return to class with a stronger work ethic, each time they face obstacles. Every athlete experiences frustrations as they tackle more difficult levels, and teammates that are better than them. That is a fact in any sport or career. Learning to persevere, work with others, and being a creative contributor in life, are attributes, students will gain from dancing at balletmore.

How do you build self-esteem? When an individual conquers something on their own! No parent can give them this. It may be as small as their first plie, or as large as their first featured solo on a professional stage. But the, "I did it" a ha moment, comes because THEY did it. Self esteem will build through hard work. Students will see and feel results that are physical, as well as mental. This strength will help to shape one's individual character, that will carry each dancer in their life forever.  

Our goal as a studio, is to build an appreciation for the fine art of ballet, expose young dancers to the joy of movement and build lifelong skills for individuals continuing their studies of classical ballet, as well as all genres of dance. We will be there when they face disappointment and challenges. We will also be there to congratulate them on achieving their goals.  By joining the balletmore community, you will be welcomed, supported, and your dancer will learn who they are as a person through the art of dance.