Parent Handbook

Welcome to balletmore! This student and parent handbook is designed to help you and your dancer learn more about the studio's policies and expected etiquette of balletmore dancers. First, we welcome you to the world of dance and hope you will enjoy and be enriched by your classes here at balletmore.

Thank you, Melanie Brossiet (Owner and Director)

Studio Policies
balletmore works to provide a clean and distraction-free environment for our dancers. To create this environment we ask that all food, gum and non-water beverages be kept out of the studios and waiting room. To ensure the safety of our dancers, we also ask that no street shoes are worn on the very expensive marley floors.  

Dancers please use the dressing room for changing and to store clothes, shoes, and dance bags. Please keep our waiting area clutter free for those waiting and viewing classes. Also remember others are in class so it is necessary to remain quiet. Make sure you are stretched, prepared, and have a full water bottle! Parents are required to enter the building to retrieve their student when class is finished.  All pick up & drop off must take place within the balletmore studio. All dancers are required to stay on the 2nd floor of 2335 Burton SE following their class.

Class Attendance
Each balletmore class begins with a warm-up and when this preparation is missed, injuries can occur. When dancers are arriving late it can also slow the progression of the class, which is unfair to other dancers. If your dancer arrives for class more than 15 minutes late, they will be asked to sit down and take notes. When class concludes, always curtsy and thank your instructor.

Regular attendance is an important part of learning the art of dance. If any classes are to be missed please let teachers know in advance. If your dancer misses their required level classes continually, balletmore staff may recommend an alternate level. We do not offer refunds once classes have begun. Please prioritize other extra curricular activities accordingly.  

Parent Info
Parents please stay with your dancer until class begins. They are not to be dropped off in the lobby, unattended. Do not enter the dance studio, unless our instructors have permitted it.  Parents are not to instruct, correct, or talk during a viewing of class. Please leave the training of your dancer to our staff.  Thank you.

Make-Up Classes
balletmore is committed to small class sizes, quality training, and a nurturing positive environment, which is why we believe that consistent instruction, and a consistent class will result in the progression of every dancer. Therefore, we do not offer make-up classes except in some cases of serious illness. Levels I, II, III, Int/Adv students may speak to their individual instructors with conflicts so that a solution that fits each dancer can be found. Please speak with your instructor rather than emailing balletmore about make-ups.
*Private lessons may be required if your dancer has missed important studio classes when choreography was taught.

Our classes require learning, discipline, and focus.  Please do not bring your dancer to class if they are not well rested or are going to disrupt their fellow classmates.  

We abide by a 24 hour rule when it comes to any conflict at balletmore. Please allow 24 hours to go by, before you address a concern, free of emotion. Please do not disrupt class, or our focused staff with questions before or during class time. We do not tolerate any gossip, or negative comments about our students in the balletmore studio lobby, waiting area, or dance studio. We provide a comment box in our lobby, for any suggestions you would like to make. Please allow time for your comment to be addressed. If you have a comment, or concern that is an emergency, please e-mail our school director at

Snow Days
Michigan weather is unpredictable….Please check postings on Wood TV  or WZZM. The studio is not always able to reschedule snow days, but will try to offer a make-up class for your dancer or extend a class time to help dancers catch up.

The balletmore studio calendar lists all holidays and vacations that affect the regular class schedule. 

Spring Showcase~ Experience the Stage!
At balletmore, all of our students will partake in a parent watch day showing that will feature dances from the Winter Ballet. We also offer a professional performance in the spring. This opportunity for a dancer to perform on stage is priceless! Dates and ticket information will be posted mid season. balletmore will provide tasteful costume(s) for performances that are not to be taken home. Your performance fee is due November 1st. This performance is optional, but all classes will learn choreography to perfect after January. We work to not take the entire class time to learn choreography so dancers continue to advance in their technique.

How to enhance your dancer’s experience:

  • Subscribing to a dance magazine (
  • Attend a performance! Grand Rapids, Chicago, Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Valley State University offer different performances throughout the year.
  • Use the internet to your advantage! provides a variety of videos helpful for learning. Keywords: Classical ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Paris Opera, London Royal Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, etc.

Dance is a challenging, but rewarding art form. With hard work, improvements and accomplishments are made. When dancers take pride in their work, they will gain confidence and self-esteem! If your dancer is struggling with class: 

  • Schedule a one-on-one lesson package to target specific areas of improvement.
  • Please do not over schedule your student in multiple extracurricular activities.
  • Make sure they are in the correct class. It is not valuable to a dancer, to be executing difficult steps incorrectly. They will not improve.
  • Ask their instructor if they are making friends in class.
  • Ask your dancer what are they learning so they can practice at home. Ask them to show you some steps from class so that difficult steps can be mastered. When practicing steps outside of class time, steps need to be practiced correctly, for improvement.
  • Prepare for dance, so going to dance is a fun, non a stressful event for your family.
  • Communicate with your instructor. E-mail so that we can help.

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