ensemble handbook & agreements

Performing as a balletmore ensemble dancer is a fun, challenging, and formational experience. Dancing in the balletmore ensemble is a commitment and we encourage dancer and parent to read all the expectations in this agreement together, so that members are aware of expectations, and do not overschedule with extracurricular activities. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can’t wait to dance with you!

Class Attendance & Rehearsals *
I understand in order to be a part of the balletmore performing ensemble, dancers must attend the appropriate amount of technique classes for his/her level each week, which is at a minimum: Pre-Ballet I & Ballet I: 1 ballet tech class per week Ballet II/III: 2 ballet tech classes per week Ballet IV/V: 3 ballet tech classes per week Dancers en Pointe: 2 pointe classes per week If class needs to be missed due to illness or scheduling conflicts, the dancer will attend a comparable make-up class. This is up to the dancer to arrange. If more than 2 classes are missed and not made up, the dancer’s role in performances may be altered or the dancer may be removed from the performance. I understand the dancer needs to attend all scheduled ensemble rehearsals. If a rehearsal is missed due to illness or unavoidable scheduling conflicts, as a parent of an ensemble member, I will be responsible for private make-up rehearsals with instructors/choreographers. I understand the cost for a make-up will pay for a choreographer to spend extra time teaching my dancer ($1 per minute)
Volunteer or Donation *
Our staff is small. Performances are a big undertaking and require many hands to be successful! I understand that a parent or guardian is required to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours of time for each performance. If a parent or guardian is unable or chooses not to volunteer, we agree to make a $120 donation during each performance time, to balletmore to assist with performance preparation needs. Our ensemble cast and staff need assistance: Advertising for our performances, selling tickets, adjusting costumes to fit our performers, chaperoning, helping to clean up after rehearsals, printing & folding programs, constructing props, organizing parents backstage, assisting costume changes, handing out programs, moving our marley floor, taping floor, transporting floor back to studio, retaping floor, loading/cleaning costumes prior and after a show, etc.
Casting & Costumes *
As a dancer, I understand that there are many factors at play when it comes to casting a ballet production. Every part is important and I agree to accept whatever role I am cast in and to perform that role to the best of my abilities! If I have a bad attitude about my role, it will affect my fellow ensemble members and staff. balletmore dance studio is committed to offering performance opportunities to dancers at a fraction of the cost found in other area dance companies. One way we do this is by providing costumes rather than requiring dancers to purchase their own. I agree to accept the costume(s) I am given for performances, and take good care of them. I understand that costumes are the property of balletmore and will be returned, clean and well cared for, after performances. I will not eat in my costume. *My parent is responsible to deliver my costume to the theatre, clean, mend, and return my costume(s) after my performances, so that future dancers will be able to use my costume.
Performances *
I understand that being a part of the performance ensemble requires my attendance at all performances and dress rehearsals (typically the day before a performance). Choreography is set very intentionally with all dancers included, so any change in who is not at rehearsals upsets the work of the choreographers and fellow ensemble members. I will make performances and rehearsals a priority and understand that except for the case of serious illness/injury or unavoidable emergencies, attendance at all performances and rehearsals is mandatory.
Attitude *
Unless I receive permission by balletmore director, Melanie Brossiet, I will not post videos of any rehearsal, class, or performance footage on social media out of respect my choreographers, instructors, and fellow ensemble dancers.
Parent Support *
As a parent of a performer, I understand and respect the balletmore staff to cast my dancer based on his/her ability, strength, and growth as a dancer. Our goal is to help each individual have a positive dancing experience. Not every dancer will dance the same number of roles or have equal stage-time. If my dancer is dancing one role, that is what my dancer has learned and can perform to the best of his/her ability. It is up to dance professionals to give my performer specific roles.
Payment *