"The Lost Toyshop"

In February 2017, balletmore ensemble dancers will perform “The Lost Toyshop,” a premiere ballet. Set to classical music composed by an array of time-honored composers, graduates Sophia Ball of Grand Valley State University and Katie Vanklompenberg of Bellhaven University are collaborating with our school director, Melanie Brossiet, to specifically design this ballet for each ensemble dancer. While adventuring through the woods, sisters encounter lively woodland creatures and stumble upon an abandoned toyshop filled with magical toys that come to life. The choreographers will develop the characters alongside the dancers and will provide each dancer with a unique role. “The Lost Toyshop” characters include the sisters, a variety of woodland creatures, as well as Scottish, Chinese, and Spanish dolls. Ensemble dancers will begin rehearsal on Wednesday, October 19th from 5:30-7:30 pm. Our choreographers are looking forward to creating a charming winter show and we hope you join us for this one of a kind experience! 

About balletmore ensemble

balletmore ensemble is an experience offered to students ages seven and older who love to perform. Dancers, attending their regularly scheduled ballet classes, audition to be featured in our Winter Ballet in February and Spring Showcase in May.  If you are a student at balletmore, all classes will be learning our Winter Ballet dances in the fall to showcase for parent watch week. Ensemble dancers will take part in a weekly 2+hr rehearsal, on Wednesday's at 5:30-7:30pm, separate from technique classes. They will warm-up and learn choreography, which is set specifically for the individual ensemble dancers. Members receive private coaching, premiere choreography, additional one-on-one lessons, injury-prevention exercises, team-building lessons, a photo shoot for the performance program, and a cast party following the shows. In-studio informal showings may be added to the balletmore season in addition to February and May shows. Dancers may also be selected to perform at the Helen Devos Children's Hospital. With reasonable parental involvement, balletmore is able to present two successful productions yearly. Dancer requirements and parent participation are detailed in the performer's contract.

balletmore ensemble offers talented dancers the opportunity to work with professionals in the field. Tasteful costumes are provided for performers, like true professionals.  This experience trains dancers in the rehearsal process, back-stage etiquette, how to work as a team, critically think, and perfect their art form. New dancers are welcome to join our ensemble throughout the season!  Interested in auditioning? Please contact us!

October 1, 2016 10-11:30 a.m. for ensemble 2016-17, $10 audition fee
The ensemble is designed for for ballet dancers age 7-20+. D
ancers 10+ please prepare a 1 min solo and wear pointe shoes if you are dancing multiple days on pointe. Please register prior to audition date