“My daughters have danced at balletmore for 6 years. We are really impressed with the emphasis on technique and the personal attention that the girls receive. We love balletmore!”

— Amy Slywka
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balletmore offers the standard September-May studio experience with class progression and performance opportunities.  In addition, balletmore provides students with short-term workshops through the new Wednesday Workshop program. New students also have the option of participating in a two month trial for technique classes prior to making a studio commitment. 

We believe that a well-rounded and balanced curriculum of ballet technique and diverse styles of dance help to shape each dancer. To be adequately prepared for a professional career or attend classes in a professional setting, dancers need exposure to ALL the schools of classical ballet (Soviet, French, Italian, Balanchine/American, English, or Danish). It is no longer sufficient to train exclusively within one school. The balletmore faculty utilizes unique strength-building aspects of each school and integrates a blending of styles within the studio classes. 

In addition to ballet, we offer a variety of classes including 2-3 year old classes, ballet-tap-tumble, lyrical, jazz, leaps & turns, adult ballet, & strength & stretch. We desire for our dancers to have a diverse dance training, where they are encouraged to grow artistically, technically, and emotionally through numerous dance styles.


Quality Training

balletmore provides the greater Grand Rapids community with a non-competitive style of school that is committed to quality training, minus the high costume fees, make-up, and expenses that often come with the world of dance.


balletmore is a nurturing environment for dancers to thrive technically and artistically in an atmosphere that is positive and supportive, yet disciplined and focused. We offer opportunity to all dancers. We challenge each dancer to grow as an artist of physical movement and expression. The balletmore team encourages dancers to discover their own "voice" as artists. We respect the dancers we train.

Injury Preventation

Our goal is to give dancers a long, joyful experience as they make dance a part of their life. After retiring in 2001 with a hip injury, Mrs. Brossiet made it her goal to support dancers through injury prevention, safe technique, and strength training. 


How is self-esteem developed? When an individual conquers something on their own! No parent can give them this. It may be as small as their first  plié, or as large as their first featured solo on a professional stage. But the, "I did it" a ha moment, comes because THEY did it. Through working to the best of their abilities, students will see and feel results that are physical as well as mental. This strength will help shape each individual's character, which they will carry throughout lives.


Studio Classes            

  • Ballet
  • Pointe 
  • Progressive Ballet (using injury-prevention exercises for athletes)
  • Adult Ballet
  • Lyrical/Contemporary
  • BTT (Ballet/Tap/Tumbling)
  • Tap & Musical Theater
  • Jazz/Hip-Hop
  • Youth Ensemble (dancers seeking performance opportunity)
  • Grand Rapids Dance Ensemble (Adults)
  • Studio Rental

Studio Lessons