Adult Ballet Brunch

60 MINUTES | Workshop | 12pm-1pm 

Our NEW Adult Ballet Brunch is ideal for the adult ballet student! Created for the busy parent, working mom, or early bird, this class will help you focus, stretch, and tone your muscles. Ballet is a body sculpting artistic art form. On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, dancers will enjoy basic barre work, across the floor exercises, and injury prevention training techniques to place bodies safely.

Adult Beginner Ballet

60 MINUTES  | Workshop | 7pm-8pm

We offer our workshop ballet classes on Tuesday evenings. Our adult ballet classes follow the classical ballet class order - we begin with barre work followed by the application of ballet concepts through center floor and across-the-floor exercises. All adult movers welcome!

Adult Int./Adv. Ballet

75 MINUTES  | Workshop |5:30pm-6:45pm

Our NEW Intermediate/Advanced adult class is a little more of a challenge for adult dancers on Wednesday evenings. It is structured the same as our adult beginner ballet with barre work followed by the application of ballet concepts through center floor and across-the-floor exercises.

N.Y.C Heels Performance

60 MINUTES | Workshop | 7pm-8pm

Put on those flirty high heels and lets get sassy in our all NEW N.Y.C Heels dance class featured on Wednesday evenings! This high energy, action packed class will incorporate genres of pop, jazz and hip hop! This class is designed for students to feel empowered and tap into their sultry, sassy side. Class begins with a warm up followed by across the floor exercises of strutting and getting comfortable with our bodies. Each week a routine is taught (preferably in heels), allowing students to let go in a judgement free environment while being surrounded by amazing, strong people!

This class is recommended for older teens and adults.

Strength & Stretch

60 MINUTES | Workshop | 4:30pm-5:30pm

Strength & Stretch is a part of our Thursday Workshops. This class combines yoga, Pilates, barre exercises, core series, & physical therapy exercises to help students improve joint stability and muscle flexibility!

Restorative Candlelight Yoga

60 MINUTES | Workshop | Tues (8pm-9pm) Wed (6:30-7:30)

Our all NEW Candlelight Yoga is a perfect way to end your day, with relaxing candlelight, tranquil music, and a gentle yoga flow featured on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. Our Restorative Yoga class also offers a balanced yoga class in a private setting, free of crowds, to allow for a calm class atmosphere.

Rise & Shine Yoga

60 MINUTES | Workshop | 10:30am-11:30am

Start your day off RIGHT with our brand NEW Rise & Shine Yoga class! Ease into your Saturday morning with this progressive workshop flow that starts off slow and relaxing and gently picks up the pace to get your heart pumping and help you feel energized for the rest of the day and weekend!


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