The role of design & marketing focuses on the five following areas:

  • Instagram & Facebook (2 hours/week)
  • Website Updating & Design (2 hours/week)
  • Content Creation - Brochures, business cards, etc. (30 min/week)
  • Photography (30 min/week)

The general responsibilities include:

  • Instagram & Facebook planning, with a goal of 5 minimum posts weekly
  • Making Facebook events: Ensemble Auditions (June, August, & January), Shows (Nutcracker & Spring Showcase), Want to Dance on Pointe?, August Open House, Summer Intensive, Dance Exploration Camp, Boot Camps (Ballet Boot Camps #1 & #2, Lyrical Jazz Boot Camp)
  • Designing the Nutcracker & Spring Show programs (with information from the admin)
  • Designing monthly updates, uploading on announcement page, & sending to the admin to email out to families
  • Reviewing/updating the website weekly: updating events, dates (calendar!), schedule, photo albums, and other information as needed. Ensuring all buttons and links are clickable and are heading to the correct information.
  • Documenting/photographing the happenings at the studio and translating them into meaningful marketing material.

Below, you will find a breakdown of CONTENT CREATION, with the average allotment of time you should give on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

(30 minutes of work/week)

Below is a list of paper marketing that needs to be completed each year:


Design with event title, dates, and what age the event is for, see example below
* Have each seasonal flyer printed 3 mo. prior to season beginning.

Nutcracker & Spring Show Post Cards

Design one per semester, & order 3 months before show.


Design one per year, information based off of the Sept-May website tab, no dates so it can be used after the season is over.

Business Cards & Two Month Trial Cards

Already designed. Update information & order as needed.

Business Card.png
2 Month Trial Card.png