On the top left side of the screen, you see the quick link options. Here you are able to: Add a new family, Add a new student, Add a new class, Add a new staff member. You also have the options for robo-mailer, robo-dialer, robo texter, send statements, & studio announcements. Through these options, you can email, text, or call to share information to specific classes or studio-wide. The studio announcements tab allows you to post information to the parent bulletin boards.

* If the information needing to be shared is important, email, text, post on parent bulletin board through studio announcements, and on the website.
* Financial statements should be sent in May, late August, and December of every year to keep parents organized with financial records.

Under the student options tab, you can merge two students. This is only needed if the admin created an account for a student then the parent also made an account. You simply type the students name to merge student records. You also can restore a deleted student under the student options tab.

Under the student actions tab, you have the options to: Send statements, Send emails, Robo text, Add fees or credit selected student accounts, Print statements, Suggest classes, Mark students as inactive, Print address labels, Add students to a group, Upload files or add notes for selected students.


Under the class options tab, you have the option to restore a deleted class, edit a group of classes, see the class dashboard, the attendance analyzer, and post costume fees. * The attendance analyzer should be used 1X per month to ensure regular attendance of our students.

Under private lessons & appointments, you can see the scheduled lessons, see the appointment calendar, add a new service (private lesson student, rentals, staff meetings, parent meetings, etc.), edit the cancellation policy, and booked appointments.

Under the class calendar, you can see the overview of all classes available. Below the class options, private lessons & appointments, and the class calendar, you will see the season we are currently on. To add a new season, press the “+ add season” option. Give the season a name, dates, choose if a registration fee is required, or if you want to collect tuition early.

Under the current season there are class actions, which include: send message to selected classes, robo-text selected classes, add fee to selected classes, print address labels for selected classes, print name labels for selected classes, print roll sheets for selected classes, suggest classes for selected classes, delete selected classes, add note to selected classes. To print the roll sheets for the classes, select all classes and choose “print roll sheets” under the class actions tab. They will all open up on a separate tab. Choose file, print, & save as PDF to download the class roll sheets to your desktop. Print the PDF files from there and place updated sheets in each teacher’s binder.

To find information on a specific class, click the hyperlink of the desired class. On the left side of the screen, you will see class functions, which include: class summary, students, registration, drop-ins (you can determine drop-in rate & add students as drop-in students), trials, absences, wait list, instructors, lesson plans, notes, costumes, additional data, files, music, costume sizes, transactions, no-class dates, goals, groups.

To add students to a class: Click the class, on the side tab you will see “students.” From there, you can choose whether each student is listed in the recital or to drop them from the class. To add more students to the class, scroll down and type the desired student's name into the search bar. Check the box next to their name, then click, “add checked students.” Always save settings before going on to your next item of business!!


Under the parent options tab, you can see the parent portal activity, process payments, or restore a deleted parent. When you process payments, you can see the overview of all students, place the amount they paid into the blank boxes next to their name, and press “post payments” to add the credit that they paid. The benefit of using this method is that you can post payments to multiple student accounts at once. Next to the parent options tab is the option to add a new parent. You can do this here or always look to quick links on the left side of the screen to do so.

Under the parent actions tab, you have the option to send statements to selected parents, print statements for selected parents, send emails to selected parents, robo-text, view/send yearly payment summaries, class confirmations, class suggestions, add fees to selected parents, make selected parents inactive, print labels for selected parents, or send password and email link to selected parents. For parents who have not logged into their account, you need to send them a username and password email.

Under the parents tab, you see the list of all parents of balletmore dancers. If you click their name or the dancer’s name, you will see the account details of that specific family.