* The robo-dialer, personal assistants, online registration, products & services are discussed in the settings section (#10 in the more tab). Ticket-pro is discussed under tickets & events (#2 in the more tab).

1. Studio Cloud In the studio cloud, we currently have 4 folders: Parent Info, Spring Showcase, & Ensemble. Parent Info is for handbooks, pointe assessments, payment breakdown, dance calendar, etc. Spring Showcase is for all music designated for technique classes & Ensemble is for all music designated for ensemble performances. When you click into a folder, you will see current documents that are uploaded. To delete or replace, hover over either option on the right side of the document title. If you don’t want the document to be shared in the parent portal, press “unshare this file.” * The file will not show up in the parent portal unless you choose to share it.

2. Polls & Surveys Under this tab, click “create a new survey,” add a question and choices for users to pick from, as well as an expiration date for the survey. Once you save the survey, click the hyperlink to the survey details. You will find a public link that the software made to be shared on Facebook, Email, or be Robo-Mailed or Texted out.

3. Grow Pro Online Fundraising System Click add new campaign and input the following information: Title, Start & End Date, Financial Goal. The next screen will provide a general link for you to share with others. If you would like, you can add a more detailed description, a photo, Youtube video link, a learn more URL, & a thank you message.

4. Studio Analyzer Under the studio analyzer, you can view: posted tuition year over year (by month), enrollment # year over year (by month), labor paid year over year (by month), leads by lead source, season vs. season enrollment, attendance analyzer.

5. Profit Pro
Profit pro allows you to input all profits & expenses incurred at the studio. Simply press “+income,” add a memo & the amount, or press “-expense,” add a memo & expense category (*very important for taxes). You can easily adjust the profit span you are looking for through the date range option.

6. Ipad Class Manager, Pin: 1234 Under classes, you will see the classes that are transpiring today. If you click into a specific class, you can input if each student is present or absent. If there is a new student joining class, on the left information bar, you will see “add student.” If a teacher would like to add specific notes for a student, click “notes” on the sidebar and add a note for that student (be sure to determine if you would like this shared with the parent or with just the teachers). You can also add general class notes, check the box to share with parents. If a teacher would like to add specific goals for a student, click “goals” on the sidebar and add a goal for that student.

For students to check-in each day, click the check in box (HIDE the sidebar). Students should type their names in the box and check themselves in daily. On the sidebar, there is an option to set an appointment with a student. Simply type in their name and determine the service you would like to schedule with them.

7. Registration Manager Under the registration manager, you can register a new parent or search for existing accounts. Once you search for the student you are looking for, click register > pick classes (then click the classes you want to register the student for) > save picks. *This is how you register students for classes each new season.

The Star Tab
Under the Star Tab, you can see a report of the dance cards purchased. You can also add bookmarks here. We currently don’t have any bookmarks setup.