1. Teachers & Staff

Click the Enter Payroll Hours to input the work teachers did. Once you send them the link to enter in their work log, they should be doing this for you. Every two weeks, when payroll is complete, ensure that the numbers here match the numbers you are paying. When it is time to complete payroll, click preview report, save this document in a payroll folder in the google drive. When the payroll is completed, choose “Mark selected as paid.”

If you go back to the homepage for teachers & staff, you will see “Staff Actions,” which give you the option to email selected staff.

If you click a specific instructor, you can add the instructor’s bio, phone number, address, classes taught, etc. Under “Staff Actions,” you can delete the teacher, send the mobile time clock access, view teacher in class manager, and send teacher the class manager link. If an instructor cannot log into the time clock or class manager, you can resend them these links. For new teachers, send them the links, so they can clock hours. On the side bar, under a specific teacher, you will see:

  • Summary
  • Files - If you have files of information for specific instructors, you upload them here.
  • Certifications - Under certifications, you can check boxes next to the applicable certifications that the teacher has.
  • Payroll Hours - Under payroll hours, you can enter or edit hours of work that the instructor did if he/she did not enter it properly.
  • Pay Rates - This is very important!!! If this is not imputed in the system, then payroll hours/payment cannot be calculated properly.
  • Notes - Under notes, you can add specific information to the teacher’s profile, such as rehearsal schedules, recital timeline, etc.
  • Projects & Tasks - If you click “manage projects,” you can add additional projects to the other projects listed. To give a teacher a project, simply choose the type of work from the drop-down menu, add a specific note about the project, and the due date for the project. You can also choose to notify the instructor about the project via text.
  • Communication History
  • Appointment Hours: Adjust the appointment hours according to the instructors schedule. You can also add specific dates to exclude from the online appointment scheduling system.

How teachers log hours (can be done from email or from text sent to instructor's phones). The class manager is also sent to their phone where they can update attendance, view their upcoming tasks, etc.

2. Tickets & Events

Under tickets and events, you can add a new event, where you give the event a name, choose whether it is active, the start & end date, whether you want to share it in the parent portal, and notes about the event. Through the info bar on the left side of the page, you can also assign classes to the event, add files regarding the event, use the recital wizard, ticket-pro online, ticket promo codes, & ticket fees.

Step 1 - Create Your Acts Under the recital wizard, add all the performance numbers that will be in the show. For each performance numbers, assign an act manager, & press add. Once you have added all the recital numbers, if you want to change the order around, click and hold down on specific dance and drag it to where you would like it to be in the show order. Make sure you press save act sort order before going on to step 2.

Step 2 - Define Act Details For each act, press “edit classes, students & costumes.” Type the class that is performing this dance. If the dance includes students from a variety of classes (such as with an ensemble dance), type the students’ names and select them all. Do not select their classes - if you do, students will be double counted for dances on the recital list generated at step four. Once you have added the classes or students you need for the dance, click save classes & students. You can also add notes about each dance, the music, stage right & left managers.

Step 3 - Generate the Playbook Choose print recital playbook & save the information as a PDF. Under more actions, you can see the acts & students list, which provides a complete list of all dances and dancers. Use the quick change report to ensure that no dancer has an extreme quick change. If they do, go back to step 1 and rearrange the recital order. If the dancers have their sizes in their account information, the sizes by act report will display all dancers’ costume sizes by the recital dance. Click the recital check-in list & print it, so it is ready for the show.

Next, go to Ticket-Pro Online Ticket Sales, on the sidebar of the screen. If your event is already created, choose “list all events,” and click the hyperlink to the event you are preparing tickets for. If you would like to do reserved seating, click “Reserved seating? Add Venues.” Northview Performing Arts Center is already in our system. If you have to add a new venue, click + Add New Venue. From there, complete the questions they ask about how many sections, rows, and seats. It will generate a general seating chart for you - customize to the actual performance space by adjusting the seating numbers and letters for rows.  By clicking “remove seats,” whatever boxes you click on the chart will turn black, meaning they are removed. By clicking “handicap seats,” whatever boxes you click on the chart will turn blue, meaning they are handicap friendly. When you are done with inserting the information, press save!

If you want to make the ticket sales available on our website, go to your event general info and ensure the ticket sales start is today’s date or else it will not show up. Under ticket-pro access, copy the link provided and make it available on squarespace for users. Next to ticket-pro access, you will see a button called tickets sold. Here you can view all information regarding an events sales.

If you would like to sell in person, go back to the general ticket & events page, choose list all events, press actions. Under actions, you will see many options including: copy, delete, reserve seats, seating list printout, seating view print out, scanning list printout, preview event ticket, sell in person, & single event link. Click sell in person & it will take you to a screen to help the person check out. This is particularly helpful for cash or check sales.

3. Private Lessons & Appointments Under the private lessons & appointments tab, you can see four blue buttons: appointment calendar, + add new service, cancellation policy, booked appointments. Under the appointment calendar, you can click a specific time on the calendar, and it will show the following boxes you need to complete: Student Name, Service, and Room. Make sure you are scheduling the lesson at the proper time. You can always adjust it after saving by clicking the schedule lesson and dragging it to the proper day/time. To cancel an appointment or send reminders, simply click the appointment on the calendar, and it will give you the option to do either of the two.

To add a new service, click + Add New Service. You will give the service a title, description, choose the transaction code (most likely it will be private/custom class), choose the staff member, staff pay rate, & appointment duration, and the price. Avoid the option to book online and require payment, because once you do this, everyone will see a specific student’s private lesson. When you add these lessons to a specific student, double check their account to ensure payment for the private lesson is allocated to the private lesson and there are not any double charges. (see in video)

If you would like, you can add a cancellation policy. Press save after inputting information. By pressing booked appointments, you can viewed all scheduled appointments.

* Do not press the box to show in the parent portal. 

4. Leads & Prospects Under leads & prospects, press + Add New Lead, and input First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address & How They Learned About Us. Under lead action, choose leads report to get a summary of all leads. You can also send selected leads to an excel file, mailchimp, or to print address labels. If you click a lead’s name, you can input more information such as birthdate, address, & notes. You can also pick an option to convert to parent or convert to student.

5. Point of Sale Using point of sale, you can type in any service/package we have available & complete the transaction with the customer’s card. If it is to be charged to a student account, type in the student’s name. From there, you have the option to charge the parent’s card on file or bill to account. If there is a cash or check payment, you can also input it here. Simply press cash/check, input the check number, the means of payment, the transaction code, then press “complete transaction.” If you added a student’s name it will go under their account. At the top of point of sale, you can click the orders tab to see all orders placed. It is important that you process all orders (check this monthly), so that the payment can be assigned to the correct customer account. Under settings, you can adjust if you would like the account to be billed after a certain number of days. You can enter the late fee policy here or adjust it by heading to More > Settings > Tuition > Late Fees.    

6. Tuition We do not do classes by hours or number of classes - we give families the options to pay 8 installments, 2 installments, or 1 installment (5% off). Review our payment breakdown form if you have any questions. The main discount that we offer is 50% off of the 3rd child that attends in one family. We are NOT doing a registration fee, so please leave this information blank. We do have a $20 late fee for payments 5 days after the due date. This is a one-time fee. Tuition late fees will be added to only one student per family. You have the option to add payment terms under the payment terms tab.

Under post tuition to accounts, add a memo note, such as “January payment,” or “Two Installment Plan,” or “One Installment Plan.” Next, choose the transaction date - if the payment is due Jan. 1, then set the transaction date as the 1st of January. Next, click “add class names to memos.” Always keep tuition percentage at 100%. From there, ensure you are only billing to accounts that you intend to bill. If you only want to bill semester payers, then you must ensure all other students names are not checked. It is common to leave workshop students checked or drop-in student checked - be aware of this! After double checking this information, press post tuition to accounts. After doing so, you can go back to this page and ensure all balances for each student are correct. If they are not, click the student’s name, go to the side bar and click “transactions,” delete the amount you charged the account, and manually enter a debit of the amount due.

Under the statement settings, please do not change the information that is set up. We should have statements being sent out of 12 months of purchases. If for some reason a customer would want to see just a statement for the current month, choose 0 as the option and it will only show transaction detail starting on the 1st day of the current month.

At our studio, we solely use fixed tuition. It is important that you input this information for every student, so when tuition is posted to accounts, it is the correct amount. Periodically, it would be beneficial to check over all students fixed tuition. Every time a new student joins, be sure to head to this page and input their fixed tuition.

7. Autopay To process payments through, such as the 1st of every month for those who choose the 8 installment plan, head to the autopay option. Here, you can click “just tuition,” and the parents enrolled in autopay will appear. Next, compare the amounts due on our spreadsheet in the Google Drive with what you will be charging for each student. Be sure to uncheck the names of those who do not need to be billed at that time. Then press, “go to next step.” Here, you must read the warning then press, “I have read and understand.” Once you do that, the red process button will appear and you will process the payment. After this is completed, go back to the tuition and statements page, head to “post tuition to accounts,” and ensure everyone’s balance is 0. Check for both debits (money due) or credits (positive numbers) in the account.

8. Seasons The best way to start a new season is by copying the old season, “Sept 2017 - May 2018.” You can do this by clicking into that season, choose season actions, & choose copy season. From here, it will allow you to customize the information to the upcoming season, such as the season name, the start & end date, when to allow registration, registration fee, collect tuition early option, ignore auto-pay requirement, etc. Next, you can assign classes to the season. For the ones that you wish to delete, simply head to the main classes tab, put a check by the one you wish to delete, & find delete selected classes under the class actions tab. If you would like to add a new class, go to the side tab and click “add a new class.” * Be sure to designate the season you would like the class to be in, otherwise the class will be under inactive classes. To fix this, simply click the inactive class and designate the season you would like.

9. Reports

  • Students: Birthday report or birthdays by month (send monthly birthday shout outs), Phone list (connect quarterly by phone with parents to check in on customer experience), Email list, Inactive student email list (reach out to this group periodically), Students by group (check for those with no group assigned and add them to a group)
  • Parents: ***Parent waivers (see who has not signed the waiver), Parents enrolled in autopay, Parents NOT enrolled in autopay (reach out to them and encourage enrollment)
  • Classes: Absent list by class, absent list by student, Active student class counts , Parent email by class, Emergency info all active classes , Perfect attendance report by class, Room schedule by season
  • Staff: Payroll detail, payroll history, Teacher class schedules
  • Events: List of all events, Ticket transaction totals by date
  • Billing: Account balances, Autopay expiring cards, Print family statements, Total income by date range, Who owes me money - by family
  • Costumes: Robo-sizer - all sizes, T-shirt size list

10. Settings In settings, you will see the following information:

  • Account Details - this is already set up, please do not tamper with this unless it is necessary. If you need to change information with connecting the stripe account, use the instructions provided under that section. Always enable online store in parent portal. You will see the registration waiver here. For other waivers, such as the ensemble waiver, you have to add it by clicking the blue hyperlink which says, add more waivers.
  • Transaction Codes - Our transaction codes are based on all the class package offerings that we have. Rather than separating 8 installments, 2 installments, or 1 installments when you are billing an account, simply find the class pack option they use such as Ballet III-V 2 Tech, 2 Pointe. This way, we can see the breakdown of our sales.
  • Groups - Our students are divided into groups based on their payment plans, adults, ensemble, pre-K, & renters. Always double check that the correct students, and ALL students are assigned to a group. To add more students to a group, choose assign groups - batch, and click the drop-down menu to find the group you are looking for. From here, you can remove a student, or scroll down to add more students to the specified group.
  • Ipad Class Manager - please do NOT change any information here. The PIN to log in is 1234. If this needs to be reset, head to this tab and reset the pin. Be sure to notify all instructors of the change.
  • My Personal Assistant - If you would like some help with tuition reminders, you can have the DSP software help make the calls or texts. Choose “Collections helper - parents,” and determine the date you would like the reminder to be sent out.
  • Online Registration - Under the more tab, you will see portal settings, pending registrations, & promo code setup. The important one is the promo code - always provide discounts for early sign ups! You will find links to share on Facebook or our website to help register families here.
  • Products & Services - All our products and services are already added to the system and available through the online store in the parent portal. If you would like to edit any of the products, simply click the name of the product, and adjust the basic data. Make sure that the online store settings are turned on. If you delete the store thumbnail on accident, be sure to upload it again - if not, the product will not be visible in the parent portal. Use the Canva account to make more of these or gain access to products already made. To add a new item, click item actions and find the “add new item” in the drop down menu. Next to this, you will see dance cards. There are some already established, but to make another one, simply press “add a new dance card,” and complete the information below. Make sure you choose to make dance cards available through the online store.
  • Users - Add teachers as users through this settings tab. Through the user role settings, you can determine the amount of information the teachers see by making them a normal user vs. an admin user.
  • Communications Template - Under the communications template settings, you can add standardized emails, such as “classes cancelled.”
  • Confirmations & Suggestions - This is of great benefit when preparing for another dance season. Once you input suggested classes for each student, you can send out the class placement emails to families.
  • Skills & Prerequisites - In this section, you can add skills and prerequisites for each dance level. When you click a specific student’s profile, you can add these skills for the dancer to work on in the skills tab (found on the left information bar).
  • Autopay Settings - If you would like to add credit card processing fees, head to the autopay settings and adjust the convenience fees accordingly. Please do not change the auto payment agreement text (unless we change our payment installment program), & ensure that parents can NOT opt out of the autopay.
  • Robo-mailer, Robo-dialer, Robo-texter - These programs allow you to send mass emails, texts, or calls to specific classes or all balletmore families. Simply choose if you want to email, call, or text, and write in the information you would like to be shared. From there, the software program will do the rest of the work for you!
  • Send Statements - Before sending statements, head to More > Tuition & Statements > Statement Settings. Scroll down to “Transaction Detail - Months Back” & determine how many months of transaction details you want to share with families before sending all statements to balletmore clients. To send statements to a small group of people instead of all clients, head to the students tab. Select the students you want to send the statement to, then under the Student Actions tab, choose “send statements to selected students."
  • Studio Announcements - Studio announcements is last option under the settings tab. Simply press add announcement, choose the expiration date, and post the announcement!

* The dance studio location, dance studio rooms, roll sheets, statements & receipts, parent portal settings, & connections are set up - please don’t change this information. You can also access the seasons information here, though refer to topic #8 under the more tab for this information. You can also access the tuition information here, though refer to topic #6 under the more tab for this information.