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a performing dance company of adult dancers seeking to collaborate with others & grow as artists through choreography & performance. 


Emerge is the captivating premiere performance of Grand Rapids Dance Ensemble. It will feature original choreography from Arye Shannon-Carmichael, Annalise DeYoung, Andrea Nightingale and Sarah Bethel. 

WHEN: Saturday, December 2nd, 7 - 8 PM & Sunday, December 3rd, 2 - 3 PM
WHERE: Ambrosia Theater, 959 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

Become a grde dancer! 

What to expect

Friday Rehearsals 530 pm - 730 pm

30-45 minute warm-up followed by learning and rehearsing choreography. Dance performances with a minimum of one per season. Dancers will also have the opportunity to choreograph if interested. 

Interested in joining? GRDE will hold an audition in January for a spring performance opportunity! 

Member Requirements

Dancers will come to every rehearsal except for illness or injury, be on time, pay the monthly fee the first week of the month, be respectful to studio space and other dancers, take turns leading warm-up, and sign a contract agreeing to the above expectations. If a dancer is unable to meet these expectations, the person will not be able to participate in rehearsals & performance.