Ballet Ages 6-7

60 Minutes | Sept-May

This class introduces students ages 6-7 to basic ballet terminology and technique with focus on proper alignment and injury prevention.

Ballet I-II

75 Minutes | Sept-May

After students have mastered the basic concepts, new vocabulary and technique is introduced.

Ballet III-IV

90 Minutes | Sept-May

Students at this level have demonstrated mastery of concepts introduced in previous classes.

Lyrical Jazz I-III

60 Minutes | Sept-May

Students are taught musicality and rhythm, leaps, kicks, and turns. These skills are incorporated in center floor and across-the-floor combinations to upbeat music.

Lyrical Jazz IV

75 Minutes  | Sept-May

Dancers continue to improve on concepts learned in previous levels with a focus on improvisation. Students will be challenged with different speeds, levels, and longer combinations to challenge retention.


45 MINUTES | Sept-May

This class helps prepare and condition dancers to dance en pointe. Extensive training and practice are required to develop the strength and technique needed for pointe work.


60 MINUTES | Sept-May

This class focuses on body alignment, placement of the feet, and the manner in which a dancer transitions to and from en pointe with a heavy emphasis on stretching and injury prevention.

Leaps & Turns

30 MINUTES | Sept-May

Dancers focus on correct positioning before, during, and after leaps and turns.

Strength & Stretch

60 MINUTES $130 | 9 classes

Our strength and stretch class is apart of our evening Wednesday Workshop and designed for both teens & adults! You will learn correct body positions and effective strength gain through yoga & pilates as well as safe stretching.

Teen/Adult Ballet

60 MINUTES $130 | 9 classes 

Our teen adult ballet is apart of our Wednesday Workshop and is designed for both beginner,intermediate and advanced dancers who will enjoy the traditional structure of a ballet class that engages with barre work and ballet technique.


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