Beginning Ballet (Ages 6-7)

60 Minutes | Sept-May

This class introduces students ages 6-7 to basic ballet terminology and technique. We will focus on proper alignment to learn proper injury prevention. Our balletmore syllabus is available upon request for clients only.

Ballet I-II

75 Minutes | Sept-May

After students have mastered the basic concepts, new vocabulary and technique is introduced. These classes is designed for beginners who have basic training.

Ballet II-III

75 Minutes | Sept-May

After students have mastered the basic concepts, new vocabulary and technique is introduced. These classes are designed for intermediate students with above beginner training.

Ballet III-IV

90 Minutes | Sept-May

Students at this level have demonstrated mastery of concepts introduced in previous classes. This class is designed for int/adv students who have displayed proper understanding and execution of basic and intermediate technique.

Company Ballet IV-V

90 Minutes | Sept-May

Students at this level have demonstrated mastery of concepts introduced in previous classes and are ready to learn new barre work, across the floor work and choreography at a faster pace. These classes are designed for advanced dancers who are proficient in many ballet concepts and have mastered previous technical training.

Beginning Contemporary Jazz

60 Minutes | Sept-May

Students are taught musicality and rhythm, lyrical style choreography, leaps, kicks, and turns. These skills are incorporated in center floor and across-the-floor combinations to upbeat and instrumental music.

Intermediate Contemporary Jazz

60 Minutes  | Sept-May

This intermediate Contemporary Jazz class helps prepare dancers to move up into the advanced class at balletmore. Dancers will improve upon previous class technique at a faster pace and challenged with longer choreography, across the floor exercises, completing multiple turns, strength training, and focused on strong clean execution of steps.

Advanced Contemporary Jazz

60 Minutes  | Sept-May

Dancers continue to improve on concepts learned in previous levels with a focus on improvisation. Students will be challenged with different speeds, levels, and longer combinations to challenge retention. Maturity in this class is key, as well as confidence, which develops if dancers have completed previous level classes.


45 MINUTES | Sept-May

This class helps prepare and condition dancers for pointe. We emphasize safety, and do not place dancers on pointe unless they train with balletmore, attain the required qualifications for pointe work, and pass our balletmore test. Extensive training and practice are required to develop the strength and technique needed for pointe work. Instructors will work to provide dancers with the skills needed on an individual level.


60 MINUTES | Sept-May

This class focuses on developing strong pointe skills, from using thero-band exercises, barre work, center, and across the floor technique. Body alignment, placement of the feet, and the manner in which a dancer transitions to and from en pointe will allow students to master advanced steps, turns, leaps, and landings. An emphasis on stretching and injury prevention will be prioritized.

Pointe Variations

60 MINUTES | Sept-May

Pointe Variations is an intermediate/advanced class that focuses on strength building barre exercises, choreography, body alignment, placement of the feet, port de bras, injury prevention and across the floor exercises en pointe. Classical variations will be taught when dancers have mastered pointe work in class.

Leaps & Turns/Trix nā€™ Flips I, II, or III

30 MINUTES | Workshop | Mon(8:00-8:30) or Tues(6:45-7:15)

Dancers focus on correct positioning before, during, and after leaps and turns in an upbeat, fun, atmosphere! Our Monday & Tuesday Evenings our Workshops allows for multiple class options so that dancers are placed in a class that will be most beneficial to their level while keeping class light and fun!

Strength & Stretch

60 MINUTES |Workshop | 4:30pm-5:30pm

Our strength and stretch class is an evening Thursday Workshop Class designed for both teens & adults of all ages! You will learn effective strength training, gained through yoga & pilates as well as safe stretching, after students are warm. Want hand-on-training? Want space? Need a small class? We promise that no one will drip their sweat on you :)

Beginner Teen/Adult Ballet

60 MINUTES | Workshop | 7pm-8pm  

Our teen adult ballet is a part of our Tuesday Workshop and is designed in a non-competitive environment and judgment free zone! No dance experience? No problem. We welcome you into our traditional structured ballet class to enjoy and learn basic barre work and ballet technique. This class will improve your balance, focus, and strength. Ballet is a beautiful art form welcomes everyBODY.


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